Jagged Alliance 3 walkthrough – guides, tips and tricks

Jagged Alliance 3 walkthrough – guides, tips and tricks

Do your mercenaries get killed again and again? Does your squadron get decimated as soon as you walk out? No worries, sometimes it is normal to have troubles. Especially in complicated games that require you to learn mechanics and survival skills. Fear no more, as here comes our Jagged Alliance 3 walkthrough, a resource that you want to keep close.

In the third entry in the series, we’ll be called to explore a new and unfamiliar country, directing a squad of mercenaries to solve difficult missions. But that’s not all, as we need to keep everyone healthy and alive as much possible, through missions and difficult combat sequences.

So, if you are finding yourself dying over and over again, then you definitely need to read our Jagged Alliance 3 walkthrough to find out the tips and tricks you need.

Jagged Alliance 3 full walkthrough – tips and tricks

Here are all of our guides on Jagged Alliance 3 that you might need:

That is all of the guides that we have for you at the moment, covering a wide variety of topics related to this classic mercenary game. But of course, not everything you need might be covered.

Perhaps we have to yet cover the topic you are having trouble with. It can happen. Thus, if you are finding it hard to get through a specific part in the game, let us know. Reach out via social media, and we will be sure to get back to you.

We are adding guides to this list every two days or so, so be sure to check back soon and get all the latest updates on the Jagged Alliance 3 walkthrough. If you are curious for more tips and tricks on other games, check out also our The Bookwalker walkthrough.