Jagged Alliance 3 best melee weapon Character throwing knives

Jagged Alliance 3 best melee weapon – how to get it

Jagged Alliance 3 gives players a variety of weapons at their disposal. Each of these weapons has its advantages and weaknesses that go a long way toward making each combat situation unique and exciting. So to expand your knowledge about these weapons even more, here’s Jagged Alliance 3 best melee weapon and how you can get it.

A melee weapon is significantly different from a pistol or a rifle as the engagement with the enemy is up close and personal. They are mainly used as a last resort when you are out of ammo or used as a stealth weapon to silently take down enemies.

Knowing how these weapons perform and function is a key part of the gameplay. To go well equipped in all situations, read on and find out all about Jagged Alliance 3 best melee weapon and how you can acquire it.

Jagged Alliance 3 best melee weapon Character eliminating another character

What is Jagged Alliance 3’s best melee weapon?

The best melee weapon in Jagged Alliance 3 is called The Thing. This weapon can be acquired through by first going to Boss Blaubeter. This starts a couple of long quests, which will being at the Boss’ mansion, in the sector next to Fleatown to the south.

When you first meet him you have to gain his trust. You will gain his trust after discovering a mysterious love triangle he is trapped in. Once you figure that out for him, he will tell you to break someone out of a prison located at Sector L6, west-southwest of Port Cacao called The Good Place.

You then have to battle through the guards and clear that area of any enemies. After everyone is dead, then simply go and talk to the warden. Tell him to bring you a prisoner called Luigi. No, not Mario, no confusion on that. If you want, you can also kill the warden and find Luigi yourself. But we would agree that just talking to the warden is easier.

Talk to Luigi and he will mention The Thing. Now, you and Luigi have to go the Boss Blaubert’s place and support him. This will lead to the death of Luigi, the bodyguards, and the prison escorts. Finally, you can loot the bodyguards to find, among other things, well the Thing. It will be a machete, the strongest melee weapon in the game.

This is all there is to know about the strongest melee weapon in Jagged Alliance 3. If you liked what you just read then please check out our other articles such as Jagged Alliance 3 tips and tricks and Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien – all choices explained.