Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien - all choices Character surrendering

Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien – all choices explained

Jagged Alliance 3 lets you hire or interact with various characters inhabiting the game world. One of these characters is Bastien and you have quite a few choices tethered to him. So, here’s Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien choices explained.

Knowing how the choices matter changes the outcome of your game. Having hindsight also helps in creating a more dynamic and stronger team that will surely help you progress through this game like a breeze.

So, keep reading and find out about the Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien choices explained in this article, and refer to it whenever you are confused.

Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien - all choices  Characters negotiating

All choices for Bastien you can make in Jagged Alliance 3

Bastien is a pretty significant character in the game, being the leader of a small gang affiliated with The Legion who are your main enemy. You meet him twice in the game and the following are choices that come up during your first meeting with him:

  • Kill him: This decreases fort defense and gives you 150 XP and 10 Loyalty with Ernie
  • Don’t kill him: You can interact with him in the future and get to know more about The Legion
  • Sweet Talk: Requires high wisdom and if successful you will get three diamonds

These are all of the options you get to choose from and their major consequences. Now the first meeting with Bastien happens in Sector I1 on the beach, and if you have not killed him then you can meet him again at Sector H3 in a camp near the border of the map. So when the second meeting happens, here are your choices:

  • Pay up: Bastien threatens you and demands $1000. If you give this amount of money you will get 150XP
  • Threaten: You can threaten Bastien instead and get all of his weapons and loot.
  • Trick him: This requires hospitality and Fox (medic) and if successful you will turn Bastien’s friends against him.
  • Kill him: You eliminate him and get 150 XP and 15 Loyalty with Ernie.

If you let Bastien live, you can persuade him to smuggle goods into the Refugee Camp later. This is a pretty exciting feature as many of these characters have interesting backstories and personalities. Having them on your team is not only useful but also pretty entertaining.

These were all of the major choices you can make with Bastien in both of his meetings. If you liked what you just read then please check out our other articles such as Exoprimal Zephyr build – best loadout and Jagged Alliance 3 Pierre – all choices explained.