Jagged Alliance 3 tips and tricks Character holding two guns

Jagged Alliance 3 tips and tricks

Jagged Alliance 3 is currently one of the most popular strategy games that a lot of players are enjoying. This is a game where you need to get down its mechanics. How the classes of characters work and how to create strategies around them. However, all of these different aspects may confuse many beginner players, so to guide them here are Jagged Alliance 3 tips and tricks.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks make your gameplay a lot easier and help you out in the long run. Making certain decisions earlier in the game will truly help you succeed in the later levels. Furthermore, having a nifty guide is always great when there are many things to take into account.

In any case, go on and read about Jagged Alliance 3 tips and tricks. Enjoy that addictive turn-based combat in the best way possible.

Jagged Alliance 3 tips and tricks Character taking cover

Tips and tricks to remember for Jagged Alliance 3

As there are many elements to keep in mind while playing this game. We have collected all of the important tips and tricks that you should definitely think about when creating your squad or doing any other activity in the game. Consider the following:

  • Get a Mechanic, Medic, or Explosives Expert: Having these types of mercenaries will give you a lot of defense. They can heal your team, find buried mines, and repair items.
  • Focus on Accuracy: The biggest skill you should look out for is accuracy, so choose your main mercenaries accordingly and make sure they have at least over 80 in this attribute.
  • Two Medic: Having two doctors in the field is really important as if one goes down the other will be at your disposal.
  • Shoot the mines or defuse them while prone: Defusing a mine while you are prone is safer than when you are standing. If there are enemies nearby a mine, you can detonate them by shooting.
  • Spend your starting money carefully: You never know when you need some extra cash.
  • Traps: Some containers have traps in them that can take out your entire squad. So only send one mercenary to check them out and keep other members of your team away from them.
  • Diamonds are your best friend: Diamond mines are a great way to get regular income, and always liberate the cities near diamond mines to increase their output. Put more focus on these mine than anything else!
  • Weapon modification: Always try and modify your weapons to increase their damage output.
  • Use the Satellite Map: On it, you can see the number of items in your sector stashes by pressing the small crate button in the lower-right corner
  • Remember, your mercenaries are tough: Let their minor wounds heal on their own instead of constantly using a medic on them.

These are all of the important tips and tricks you should utilize in Jagged Alliance 3. If this guide was helpful then please check out our other articles such as Jagged Alliance 3 weapons list and Is Mordhau cross-platform? Crossplay explained.