Jagged Alliance 3 Pierre - all choices explained Character shooting another character

Jagged Alliance 3 Pierre – all choices explained

Interesting and dynamic characters populate the world of Jagged Alliance 3. And a lot of these characters can be recruited to your cause by creating a genuine relationship with them.Pierre is only of those characters and to help you out with his recruitment, here’s Jagged Alliance 3 Pierre all choices explained.

Pierre is a tricky character to interact with as they are certain conditions you have to fulfill before you can recruit him to your cause and use him as a successful asset. You have to make sure that you make the correct decisions with him.

Want to make Pierre your comrade without taking unnecessary risks? To help you out with these delicate decisions, follow our article on Jagged Alliance 3 Pierre all choices explained.

Jagged Alliance 3 Pierre - all choices explained Character surrendering

All choices you can make for Pierre in Jagged Alliance 3

Pierre will be staying within Fort Leau Bleu. You can enter this place by attacking it and then once you find Pierre you will have the following choices:

  • Time to die: In this choice, you basically kill Pierre. The entire quest will be over and you will only get 30 loyalty with Ernie
  • You may go: This is the choice to make if you want to hire Pierre in the future. And when you talk with Luc he will give diamonds. Although you will only get 10 Loyalty points from Erne

However, there are still many things to keep in mind before you meet Pierre. You can start his quest by entering Ernie’s village. Here you can find Pierre’s father and he will tell you to not kill his son. Then, you will have to infiltrate Fort Leau Bleu. Now before you do this you will have a couple of different options such as:

  • Spare Bastien: You can talk to him in sector I1 and keep him alive as he will be useful later.
  • Get the Machine Gun: You will get this weapon after conquering a bunker in H3.
  • Meet Deedee in I3: You can convince her to leave the Legion without supplies.

These are all of the ways to weaken Fort Leau Bleu. Furthermore, as Pierre is a warlord, you will only get his choices once he surrenders, so try not to kill him before that.

This was all of the important information you needed to know about choices regarding Pierre. If this guide helped you out, then check out our other content such as How to catch catfish – Stardew Valley and Dead Cells mirror – where to get and what it does.