Jagged Alliance 3 best mercenaries Character pointing an assault rifle

Jagged Alliance 3 best mercenaries for your team

Having great mercenaries in your army is pretty important as they will totally affect your gameplay style and how much progress you will make in this game. As their military leader, it is your task to understand what your mercenaries are good at and what their weaknesses are. So, here are Jagged Alliance 3 best mercenaries that you can have on your team.

Mercenaries have different roles in your squad, thus, you have to make sure you use them properly and don’t go into a fight blindly and especially without a proper plan. Each mercenary will focus on a certain aspect of the battle than the whole, so you have to make sure you know who you are choosing.

Therefore, read on and find out about Jagged Alliance 3 best mercenaries so we’ll always go to battle ready.

Jagged Alliance 3 best mercenaries Character sniping

Best mercenaries in Jagged Alliance 3

When it comes to hiring mercenaries, you will first only get four options. None of them will, obviously, be legendary in rank. Better make some careful choices. So, make sure to get cheap mercenaries with good accuracy and stamina. Here are the most popular four that players usually hire:

  • Fox: They are a medic with quick healing and teaching ability
  • Livewire: They are a mechanic and can fix and disarm any mechanical device on the field
  • Hitman: They are a marksman with the highest marksmanship skill.
  • Barry: They are an explosive expert and can disarm traps and hack devices.

These four mercenaries will really help your team to succeed and each of them is relatively cheap and has skills that will surely help you out of dangerous situations.

However, if you want to be more risk-averse with your team, there is a solution. An additional mercenary with great experience, called Wolf. He is an all-rounder mercenary and has the Jack of all trade perk as well. If you are afraid your team is lacking in offense or defense, Wolf should have your back.

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