Texas Chainsaw Massacre Connie build - companion of Ana Flores

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Connie build – best loadout, skills

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game offers a variety of characters, each with unique abilities that can greatly contribute to the success of your team. Among them, Connie stands out as a valuable asset due to her exceptional lockpicking skills. In this guide, we will explore the best Texas Chainsaw Massacre Connie build options to maximize Connie’s potential and enhance her already impressive abilities.

With the ability to unlock doors swiftly, she plays a critical role in escaping dangerous situations. 

Read on to find out about the best Texas Chainsaw Massacre Connie build and survive that Leatherface bloke.

Best Connie Build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The following is going to be an overview of the Loadout you want to have for Connie in this game:


Attributes play a vital role in determining a character’s overall performance in the game. By allocating attribute points from the skill tree, you can improve Connie’s lockpicking talent and compensate for any weaknesses she may have. Here are some key attributes that prove beneficial for Connie:

  • Proficiency: Proficiency directly impacts the speed at which Victims can complete various skilled environmental interactions, including lockpicking, item gathering, fuse box and pressure valve repair, and car battery disabling1. By focusing on upgrading Connie’s proficiency, you can significantly enhance her lockpicking actions and expedite the acquisition of necessary unlock tools.
  • Stealth: The ability to perform actions silently is crucial for Connie’s success. Stealth, an attribute that influences the Victim’s capacity for quiet actions as determined by the noise meter, allows Connie to gather unlock tools swiftly while minimizing the risk of alerting her family members.
  • Endurance: Connie’s lockpicking ability comes at the cost of stamina and temporarily makes her more detectable to her family members. However, by improving her endurance, you can mitigate these drawbacks and enable her to act more efficiently even while being pursued1. Increasing her total stamina capacity, stamina drain, and regeneration rate will provide her with the necessary stamina to outmaneuver her enemies.

Optimal Perks for Connie

In addition to attributes, equipping appropriate perks can further enhance Connie’s performance in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game. Perks offer unique boosts to your character and can be unlocked through the skill tree, with a limit of three perks per loadout. Here are some of the best perks that complement Connie’s playstyle:

  • Lucky Lockpicker: It grants a chance for unlock tools to not be consumed when opening a door for the first time. This perk significantly increases Connie’s efficiency by reducing the consumption of her valuable unlock tools.
  • Efficient Locksmith: It provides a chance for unlock tools to not be consumed while unlocking doors. By equipping this perk, Connie can make the most out of her unlock tools, ensuring a more sustainable and prolonged lockpicking performance.
  • Bomb Squad: Dismantling traps without the need for bone scrap becomes possible with the Bomb Squad perk. This perk is particularly valuable for Connie as it frees up space in her inventory, allowing her to carry additional unlock tools, further enhancing her lockpicking capabilities.
  • Pick On Me: It highlights the door or gate Connie is attempting to unlock for all victims, aiding in coordination and support for her teammates. By equipping this perk, Connie becomes a valuable asset not only for herself but also for the entire team.

Ability Modifiers/Maim

The following are the modifiers you need to have:

  • Level 1 Shorter Debuff Duration
  • Level 2 Decreased Stamina Cost
  • Level 3 Quicker Recharge Rate

It is important to allocate attribute points and equip the right perks. Thus you can amplify Connie’s abilities and maximize her contribution to the team’s success. With this build, Connie will become an unstoppable force, unlocking victory for your team.

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