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How to Feed Grandpa in Texas Chain Saw Massacre explained

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? One of the key objectives in this game is to feed Grandpa, the head of the Family and the greatest killer there ever was. In this guide, we’ll share details on how to feed Grandpa in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, collecting blood, and leveling him up. 

By collecting and feeding him blood, you’ll make the Family extremely powerful, unlocking new abilities and increasing Grandpa’s strength.

Read on to find out how to feed Grandpa in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

How to Feed Grandpa in Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

In order to feed Grandpa, you must first collect blood. There are two ways to obtain blood in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: from buckets scattered around the property or by attacking and executing Victims. Each hit on a Victim will yield a specific amount of blood, but executing a Victim will provide a massive amount of blood to feed to Grandpa.

You can only carry a certain amount of blood at a time, so be sure to feed it to Grandpa as soon as possible to avoid wasting any precious liquid. Remember, the more blood you manage to feed to Grandpa, the more powerful he’ll become.

Feeding Grandpa

Now that you have collected blood, it’s time to feed Grandpa. Follow these steps to ensure a successful feeding:

  • Press the Focus Ability button to highlight objective points: Grandpa’s location changes in each match, so using the Focus Ability button will help you locate him easily. On a PC using a mouse and keyboard, this is typically the Middle Mouse button.
  • Approach Grandpa until you see a White Circle appear: To initiate the feeding process, stand next to Grandpa on either the left or right side of his chair. Standing directly in front of him won’t trigger the feeding prompt.
  • Press the Interact Button to feed Grandpa: On a PC using a mouse and keyboard, this is usually the E key. Once you press the Interact Button, a short animation will play, showing you feeding Grandpa. This will increase the Grandpa meter, indicating your progress in leveling him up. However, be aware that there is a cooldown period after feeding Grandpa, during which you won’t be able to feed him again.
  • Look out for the “Grandpa is hungry again” warning: Once the cooldown period is over, you’ll receive a notification that says “Grandpa is hungry again.” This means you can feed him once more and continue to increase his power.

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