Texas Chainsaw Massacre Johnny build - Johnny is ready with his knife

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Johnny build – best loadout, attributes

Surviving in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is no easy task, as the ruthless Family leaves little room for escape. Johnny, one of the most formidable killers, possesses exceptional tracking abilities that make him a true predator. In this guide, we provide valuable information on Texas Chain Saw Massacre Johnny build, including his skills, attributes, and more.

When properly build, Johnny becomes an indomitable force, effectively countering anyone who dares to challenge the Family’s distorted principles.

Read on to find out the best Texas Chainsaw Massacre Johnny build.

Best Texas Chainsaw Massacre Johnny build

Here’s the best loadout for Johnny to become the master hunter:


Johnny’s Blood Harvesting score of 16 out of 50 demonstrates his proficiency in collecting blood from his victims, which contributes to the Family’s overarching strategy of instilling fear and eliminating their targets. 

Alongside a Savagery level of 30 out of 50, Johnny possesses exceptional skills in launching ferocious and uncompromising attacks, making him a formidable adversary who relies on raw power rather than flashy techniques. 

With an Endurance score of 30 out of 50, Johnny exhibits exceptional stamina that allows him to relentlessly pursue his prey, leaving little room for respite when he is hot on their trail.

Hunt Ability

Johnny’s dominion rests on his extraordinary Hunt abilities. Through this remarkable ability, Johnny can trace recent footprints, leaving behind a vibrant yellow trail that remains visible for a substantial period of time. This unparalleled tracking skill grants him a notable upper hand in locating and relentlessly pursuing his targets, making it exceptionally challenging for prey to elude his grasp.

Abilities to Enhance Johnny’s Hunt

Johnny possesses unique abilities that further enhance his effectiveness in the hunt. Let’s explore these abilities and how they contribute to his unstoppable gameplay:

Pack Animal

The Pack Animal ability empowers Johnny with the capability to identify assailants following a sudden assault. This allows him a momentary opportunity to respond, potentially altering the course of events to his benefit.

Blood Runner

By holding a blood vial that is filled over 50%, Johnny is able to reduce his energy consumption. This enables him to engage in prolonged pursuits without experiencing exhaustion.

Hurt Pride

Hurt Pride is a valuable ability that enhances Johnny’s energy restoration for a limited duration after enduring an attack. This skill significantly increases his stamina, proving to be a vital asset in navigating through demanding confrontations.

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