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The Sims 4 Tech Guru career guide

Here’s The Sims 4 tech guru career guide, which you can use to turn your Sim into a technological wizard for whom the computer will become a gateway to limitless possibilities. It is probably the most important tool that your Sim is going to use, so making it their career and making money from it seems pretty reasonable.

Your Sim in this career path will use the computer for various activities such as creating viruses and programs or using it to become an Esports champion. The choice is yours.

So, let’s not waste any more time and read on and find out about The Sims 4 tech guru career guide.

The Sims 4 Tech Guru career guide Character pointing at a screen

The Sims 4 Tech Guru career guide explained

You can choose the Tech Guru career options from the Career Panel menu. You will definitely need a computer for this career path, so place it near focus-boosting objects. The two skills you need to hone are Video Gaming and programming skills. The ideal mood for this career option is Focused.

Your Sim’s daily task is to play video games and increase their programming skills. Thus, your Sim will be spending most of their time working on the computer. This is the case for Levels 1-7, so remember to also have the Handiness skill ready as if your Sim’s computer breaks down, they will be able to quickly fix it.

Once you complete Level 7, this career will branch out into two separate specifications, Esports Gamer and Start Up Entrepreneur.

The Sims 4 Tech Guru career guide Character playing a video game

Esports Gamer career branch

In this career path, Your Sim mainly has to play video games as a daily task and keep their Video Gaming Skills high. Being Focused during this branch is pretty important, so browsing through Simopedia will be really helpful.

But better be ready to get down and get as good as possible. This is not an easy career branch for sure.

The Sims 4 Tech Guru career guide Character writing code

Start Up Entrepreneur career branch

In this branch, your Sim’s daily task is to use programming. However, instead of increasing your Sim’s Video Gaming skills, you now need to focus on their Charisma skills. Thus, practicing Speech in front of a mirror or Brushing your Sim’s teeth is helpful in becoming Confident and gaining higher levels of Charisma.

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