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The Sims 4 Style Influencer career guide

This is The Sims 4 Style Influencer career guide which you can use to enhance your performance significantly in this career option, and it is also handy for beginners who have never tried being a Style Influencer in the game. Creating fashion trends was something that many players wanted in this game for a long time, so being a Style influencer is no doubt a very attractive career option.

Your Sim will get to discuss fashion and even write about ongoing fashion trends. They will even have to interact with other Sims and try out a plethora of stylish clothes.

Therefore, if you want a little help with this addictive career path then The Sims 4 Style Influencer career guide is going to be really helpful.

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Starting the Style Influencer career in The Sims 4

Your Sim can access this job option from their phone or you can choose it from the Career Panel Menu. This is also a work-from-home career, no need to go into the office to take those selfies. When it comes to the skills your Sim needs to level up, they are Writing, Photography, Painting, and Charisma. Adding traits like Friend of the World and Convival is also pretty beneficial as well.

Your daily tasks are going to be discussing outfits or fashion, at least till Level 5. Your Sim will need to publish fashion articles and take photos from their phone to gather impressions. As you progress through the earlier levels, your Sim will unlock objects like a Digital Sketchpad and a Digital Camera, although the latter is pretty useless.

Your Sim will also get a style board to place impressions on it. In any case, once your complete Level 5, this career branches into two separate specifications, Stylist and Trend Setter.

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Taking the Stylist career branch

In this branch, your Sim needs to work on their Writing, Painting, and Charisma skills and their daily task is to Update Social Media Status. This branch is pretty similar to the Social Media career in the game.

The Sims 4 Style Influencer career guide Character looking at the mirror

Taking the Trend Setter career Branch

This is the career branch in which your Sim will be designing fashion trends. As your Sim’s daily task is to get impressions and they will need to train their Writing, Photography, Painting, and Charisma skills.

You can either create masculine or feminine trends, and when your design is trending you can actually see other Sims wearing your outfits!

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