Dave the Diver staff light bulb explained - bancho sushi restaurant cover.

Dave the Diver staff light bulb – here’s what it means

Are you trying to understand what the staff light bulb means in Dave the Diver? Here’s what you need to know about this notification. As you’re checking your staff members, you may notice one or more of them having a small light bulb icon over their portraits. This can seem confusing, but thankfully, it’s good news. Let’s examine how this works.

Dave the Diver staff light bulb explained - setting up the restaurant to level up staff.

Dave the Diver staff light bulb explained

The light bulb icon on the staff in Dave the Diver means that a specific staff member will learn a new skill or recipe during their next promotion. This means they’re able to acquire more knowledge, new abilities or skills, or a new recipe.

Overall, promoting staff allows you to progress in the game by unlocking more recipes and making your restaurant more efficient. If you want to make more money daily, promoting staff is essential. However, keep in mind that promotion isn’t free. Each time you see the light bulb icon, you’ll need to pay a fair amount that increases for every promotion.

How to train and promote staff

The easiest way to promote staff in Dave the Diver is by training them. To train a staff member, open the Staff menu, select the member you want, and choose ‘Training’. This will cost Gold and require some time to complete but will allow your staff members to become more efficient.

Once the training is finished, you’ll unlock the new skill or recipe, and the light bulb symbol will disappear. Just make sure to keep an eye out, as it will show up again when that member is ready for another upgrade.

To summarize, the staff light bulb in Dave the Diver means that a staff member is ready to acquire a new skill or learn a new recipe upon their next promotion. Thus, prioritize training that staff member when you have the money to spare. Promoting staff is a great way to increase their efficiency, unlock new items, and overall progress in the game. And that’s all! But before leaving, if you’re interested in trying a new game, here’s how to unlock crewmate Dino in Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting and how to sell a house in House Flipper 2.

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