Tales of Arise New Game Plus - Shione and Alphen standing next to each other.

Tales of Arise new game plus – how it works

Are you looking to start a New Game plus in Tales of Arise? Here’s how it works and how to transfer all your items and bonuses. Overall, New Game+ is a great way to test your skills and go through some of the bosses after having unlocked everything. While the bosses will be stronger, your characters will be too and it’s going to offer a completely different experience. However, ToA has a major difference as to how to keep your items and other unlocks in New Game+. Let’s go through what you need to know.

Tales of Arise New Game Plus - Shione and Alphen wielding their weapons and ready for combat.

New Game Plus explained in Tales of Arise

New Game Plus in Tales of Arise unlocks once you beat the game’s final boss and save Game Clear data to a save file. This will unlock a new ‘New Game+’ option in the Title Screen. Once you select this option, you’ll be able to decide the settings you want, including which unlocks you want to keep in New Game plus. However, at first, you won’t be able to unlock anything or transfer items as you must complete certain tasks first. Let’s explain this in detail.

How to transfer items and other unlocks in New Game Plus

Once you start a New Game+ in Tales of Arise, you have the option to transfer various unlocks. However, the unlocks you’ll be able to transfer over depend on how many Artifacts you’ve unlocked during your first playthrough.

Specifically, you can transfer the following unlocks:

  • Artifact bonuses like EXP/SP boosts, Cooking effects, and Ore effects
  • Arte proficiencies
  • Money and items
  • Levels
  • Equipment
  • Skills
  • Outfits
  • Records

To get everything, you must unlock all artifacts in Tales of Arise. Then, you’ll be able to select which features you want to stay. Of course, if you keep everything, even Chaos difficulty is going to be a breeze.

To sum up this New Game Plus guide in Tales of Arise, you can start this mode from the title screen after defeating the final boss and saving the game. Based on the artifacts you’ve unlocked, you will be able to transfer various features into new game plus, such as your items, outfits, and skill points. Just keep in mind that if you transfer everything, the game will be a bit too easy. Before leaving, consider also checking out our list of all Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn bosses. If you’re playing the DLC, it’s important to not miss any bosses.

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