Ravenlok Weeping Fungi fighting against the boss

Ravenlok Weeping Fungi – how to defeat the first boss

Being transported into a faraway realm and the first thing you see is an ugly green fungus? Not a good look, we tell you! But have no fear, because if you’ve been having problems trying to defeat the Ravenlok Weeping Fungi, then you can refer to this guide for help.

This is the first real obstacle in the game, as there haven’t really been any serious fights before you reach this point, so it’s understandable if you are confused by what to do to overcome this nasty plant boss.

But have no fear, we are here to help with how to beat the Ravenlok Weeping Fungi boss and make short work of it.

Read on below to find out everything you need to know.

Ravenlok greenhouse puzzle

How to defeat Ravenlok’s first boss the Weeping Fungi

To beat the first boss in Ravenlok, you want to make sure your character is at least level five. Then, just avoid its long-range attack, spam your magic bullets and go in for a few slashes now and then. Basically, the boss is not really more difficult than the others, the only main difference is that it comes at the beginning of the game.

If you try to fight it at level 1, a couple of attacks would be enough to send you to an early grave. Be sure that you have at least gained level four or five before attempting to fight it. And yes, you have to disagree with it about green being the best color or the game won’t progress.

To level up, just make short work of common enemies, collect the feather (it does so automatically) then bring them over to the rabbit guy in the area just before the boss. A quick ten minutes of grinding should be enough to make you strong enough to beat it. Just be careful of its poison attacks.

We hope you have all the information to quickly defeat the boss. Read our Ravenlok full walkthrough to find all the latest tips and tricks to beat the Cococucumber game.

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