Ravenlok how to repair mirror facing a big monster

Ravenlok – how to repair the mirror

Traveling through mirrors is definitely a big thing for Alice, but it is also so for our protagonist in the newest game from Cococumber. But what if you’re stuck repairing a mirror in the later stages of the game? Have you found out how to repair the mirror in Ravenlok? Well, read on to know more.

This is one of the late-stage puzzles. It’s not hard per se but might get players stumped if they missed some of the earlier clues. So, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you out on your journey to completing the game.

Read on below to find out how to repair the mirror in Ravenlok so you don’t need to sit there scratching your head and screaming in frustration.

Ravenlok Weeping Fungi fighting against the boss

How to repair the mirror in Ravenlok

Basically, you will have to find five shards and then glue them back together using wax. The five shards are pretty straightforward: you can find them by smashing the mirror pieces that you will find while making your way into the labyrinth and towards the mirror itself. Some will be a bit more difficult to see, but they are all there on the path.

Once you’ve slashed your way to five mirror shards, you might ask yourself: where do I find the glue? Well, it’s not glue but wax. What you’re looking for is right at the beginning, in the first mansion you visit. Remember the rabbit afraid of the dark with all the candles around?

That’s the one you’re looking for. Travel back to his table, it’s on the right once you enter the mansion right next to the Queen’s locked gate, and get some candle wax from his table. That’s all you need to get the mirror back together.

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