Ravenlok greenhouse puzzle

Ravenlok greenhouse puzzle – how to get in?

Have you been lost in a magical faraway realm with no way to go back home? Don’t worry, as we are here to help with its puzzles. If you have been struggling with the Ravenlok greenhouse puzzle, then read on to find out what you have to do.

While the game is mostly straightforward with its puzzles and quests, there are a couple that will be more taxing to the brain, with the Ravenlok greenhouse puzzle being one of them. It doesn’t give you much information to go on, so that’s why we’ve created this guide.

But no worries as it will be a pretty easy one to solve, read on to find out how to solve the situation and progress the story of the game, so you don’t have to sit there annoyed.

Ravenlok funicular access sunset on tramway

How to solve the Ravenlok Greenhouse puzzle

Basically, what you have to do to solve the puzzle is count the heads of the animals that are in the garden, which are located on the walk from the mirror up to the greenhouse. But you have to use a little bit of creativity, as the statues are a bit deformed and do not look exactly like the animals.

Overall, in both statues, you have to input two numbers each, with one always being zero. So, the answer you are looking for is two bear heads, four goat heads, and six owls. The two bears are the ones that you interact with to solve the puzzle, while the goats and owls are the other ones around the greenhouse and the path at the beginning.

It might be vaguely confusing to answer the puzzle since one might be hunting down other animal heads to try and count them, but it is actually easier than one thinks. Just keep your answer to the actual statues you see around you: they are only bears and goats.

Hopefully, that helped you solve that pesky Ravenlok greenhouse puzzle. For more tips and tricks on the Cococucmber game, read our Ravenlok full walkthrough for more information if you’re stuck.

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