Chained Echoes canned enemies characters speaking

Chained Echoes canned enemies guide

Have you got Prince Albert in a can? Well then, check out the expiration date before you open it, you might never know. Jokes aside, we know that RPGs have a lot of strange enemies and, well, Chained Echoes is also no stranger to a variety of weird monsters. Let us take take a look at what are Chained Echoes canned enemies and how to deal with them.

While you if you randomly encounter these monsters, it is not clear what use should they be for you, they can actually be useful for Tomke, one of your characters. He will gain abilities by defeating the said canned enemies.

So, let’s take a look at where to find and how to deal with Chained Echoes canned enemies.

What are Chained Echoes canned enemies?

First of all, how can you tell which enemies are actually canned ones? Well, simple: they will have a can icons over their heads. They can be useful, as mentioned, for Tomke since he can steal their abilities by using Uncanny Encounter which allows him to get new skills.

In order to steal abilities, first make sure the enemies have low health points and they have been weakened enough.

Where to find Chained Echoes canned enemies

Here is a list of all locations of canned monsters and which ability you can steal from them with Tomke:

  • Arkant Archipelago: Adamant Crab with Convert
  • Empyrean Ruins: Golem with Spinning Swirl
  • Fiorwoods – Vin with Know Your Limits
  • Flying Continent Shambodia: Ancient Turtle with Sharing is Caring
  • Kortara Mountain Range: Alphoarn with Run Aground
  • Leviathan’s Trench: Seahorse Knight with Broken Accordion
  • Magic Academy Nhysa: Blemmyae with Clap on the Back
  • Magic Academy Nhysa: Phantom with Treasure Mark
  • Mount Rydell: Ice Devil with Sailors Song
  • Narslene Sewers: Croapier with Rushing Anchor
  • Narslene Sewers: Sewerdiver with Sacrifice
  • Phyon Oasis: Terror Terrier with Cigarette Light
  • Rohlan Fields: Boxfly with Hard Swing
  • Rohlan Fields: Saliva with Freak Wave

We hope this guide clears up any doubts you might have on the canned enemies in Chained Echoes. For more information and help on the game, be sure to check our walkthrough or refer to how to get the best formation.