Chained Echoes best formation battle

Chained Echoes best formation – how to organise your party

There’s something to be said about football (or soccer, if you will) teaching one about formation. You might not be familiar with the sport, but perhaps you’ve heard of 4-4-2 or 5-4-1 and the likes. Well, formation is not only importantin sports, if you’ve played RPGs then you definitely know it’s important. So, read on to discover which is Chained Echoes best formation.

Honestly, in most RPGs, especially those of the Japanese variety, the player is free to readjust and move the party formation at their own content. But, most of the time? That hardly changes anything. In Chained Echoes you’d better spend some time doing it, because it does affect the way battles are played out.

LEt us not dawdle any longer, let’s discover which is Chained Echoes best formation.

What is the best formation for your party in Chained Echoes?

By using linked characters in your formation, you will greatly benefit for having up to 8 characters in the party. The ideal situation is having in the party linked characters that share the same statistics, so you can freely switch them around without having to pay a turn.

For example, Rob is a classic character who can attack from a distance, poisoning and paralyzing enemies, among his various attacks. Other characters like Sienna or Glenn have attacks that are more powerful against enemies who have been hit said status ailments from Rob. This allows you to basically swap characters who are low on health with others who have the same attacks, like taking out Glenn from the fight and putting in Sienna.

Luckily there are no big downsides to experimenting in battle with your formation, so feel free to do it as much as you want to see the results. If you need more help in getting through Chained Echoes, do check out our other guides on the fantastic throwback jRPG.