Chained Echoes sky armor guide – how to unlock Seraph armor

Chained Echoes sky armor guide – how to unlock Seraph armor

Getting around without an armor is definitely hard work. Do you want to just expose your frail body to all the enemies around, without any kind of protection? What would your mother even think? But fre not, as we’re about to tell you how to find one of the best ones yet. Yeah baby, here’s how to unlock the Chained Echoes sky armor.

In order to get the most powerful of the sky armor types, the Seraph one, you’ll have to wait a bit. Since this is really a game-changer, it is a quest reserved only for the late stage of Chained Echoes, where you’ll finally be able to freely explore to your heart’s content. So do not worry if you haven’t found it yet if you’ve just started out.

Read on to find out how to get the best Chained Echoes sky armor so that you can become super unkillable.

We don’t care if it’s uncomfortable, damn it.

How to unlock the Seraph armor in Chained Echoes

There are two major things to do in order to get that final armor: get the soul of Daijir and the Seraph armor frame. Let us start with the first one, here’s what to do in order to get your hands on the soul of Daijir:

How to get the Soul of Daijir

  • Get the elevator key from the Academy of Nhysa and travel to Raminas Tower, getting to floor 1.
  • Fight your way through the enemies and clear the dungeons.
  • In Ograne Grottos, on the bottom floor, you’ll find the cat merchant, buy the soul from him.

How to get the Seraph armor frame

  • Go to Shambala and find two small islands, in the west of the map (look to the south part).
  • Get to the one with the tall grass and use your Sky armor drop down to land on the other, smaller, island.
  • You’ll find a treasure chest with the Frame.

With both items in hand, go to the mechanic’s room in Hooge, he will do the final upgrade needed to the Sky suit. There you have it. Should you need more help with Chained Echoes, do check out our full walkthrough.

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