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Chained Echoes statue locations – where to find them

Sometimes, those legendary heroes are not just there for decoration, y’know? Sometimes those heroes need respect and want someone that is there to pay their due tribute. This is also true for Chained Echoes, where one of the tasks is exactly that. So, let us help anyone who is having trouble and let us tell you all about Chained Echoes statue locations and where to find them.

While this might sound relatively simple, y’know just find those statues and kneel down, those are not really that easy to find sometimes. Luckily we can help you in that regard, so do not worry.

Let us not dawdle any longer and let’s look at where to find the statues in Chained Echoes.

Where to find the statues in Chained Echoes

Int otal, there are twelve statues to find, just offer one Sacred Water and inr eturn you’ll have a Class Emblem which wil provide some pretty nifty stat upgrades. Here are the 12 statues in Chained Echoes and where to find them:

  • Cleric Statue: this is part of the main storyline and you’ll interact with it automatically. Easy.
  • Warrior Statue: this is near Seaside Village, you have to enter the woods to the east of Basil, continue walking east to find a cliff you can jump down, in a river. Continue following it through a cave and you’ll find the statue after a while.
  • Vampire Statue: in the Fiorwoods, follow the path to the south. You’ll find yourself in a blocked path, you have to find a secret entry in the southern wall. From the camp, go west and find the statue.
  • Shaman Statue: in the Flower Fields of Perpetua, go south, cross the boardwalk to reach an island to the west, where the statue will be.
  • Monk Statue: on the top floor of the Kindreld Monastery, follow the stairs from the main room and continue walking up.
  • Bandit Statue: with the airship, go to Rockbottom in the Mountain, and exit north. You’ll find a path blocked by trees, exit it and you’ill find a village where the statue is.
  • Summoner Statue: again with the airship, go to the Rekant Archipelato south of Valandis. You need to use the hover power in the Sky Armor, use it in the island to the southwest of the Archipelago to find the statue.
  • Mage Warrior Statue: in the Ograne Grottos, use the armor to fly to the entrance, you’ll have to bribe your way past the Goblin Village (use the Incocybin berries) and find the statue.
  • Chemist Statue: go to the flying continent of Shambala, the statue will be in the northwestern part of the island.
  • Pyromancer Statue: this is found on the northwestern coast of Valandis, but first you need to clear one Leonar Temple, you will find a church key before the boss in the Ruins. With the key you can open the church south of the Flower fields of Perpetua, then interact with the tree picture to open a basement, the stone tablet will give you locations to three statues.
  • Gambler Statue: this will be just south of the previous statue.
  • Rune Knight Statue: this is located between the flower fields and the Fiorwoods. Be careful as all three of these statues are guarded so go in prepared.

We hope this guide was useful for you to track down all the missing statues and give a bonus to your party. If you’re still in trouble, be sure to check out our other Chained Echoes guides.