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Chained Echoes character recruiting locations

Do you remember the classic 90s RPGs? Perhaps the one you used to play on your Super Nintendo? Oh of course you do, wouldn’t it be good to play them again? Well, luckily you can do just that with many modern indie games, with a bit of help as well. Keep reading, then, to find out all Chained Echoes character recruiting locations.

While the game harkens back to the classic 90s art style and gameplay, we’ll need to do a little bit of work to be able to recruit the characters for our party and we would definitely want to do that. Having a party with characters with different abilities and weapons will definitely help in the later stages of Chained Echoes.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at all Chained Echoes character recruiting locations.

How to recruit all characters in Chained Echoes?

Here is a list of all characters available for recruiting and the steps required to do so:

  • Gormit can be found in a platform in the middle of the ocean, near Arkant Archipelago;
  • Vesta can be found near Kortara Mountains, in the lake on an island in the middle;
  • Falora can be found sitting on a pier in Hermit’s Isle, in the south;
  • Eddie is a bit of a pain, while he is on an airship new the Western area of Valandis, he does tend to wander around a bit;
  • Bao can be found slowly freezing on Mount Rydell in the Northwestern portion of Valandis;
  • Guy is in New Wyrnshire, on the roof of the Southern dormitory;
  • Pavel is to the West of Valandis, fishing on a small raft fishing in the Ocean;
  • Tehlla can be found relaxing on a beach in the Arkant Archipelago;
  • Deimsch is just North of Farnsport;
  • Pignon is in Leviathan’s Trench;
  • Bernd can be found in Rockbottom, inside his house;
  • Thopas is in Shamble, look for red mineral ore;
  • Archy in on an island, look for one with blue minerals and stone around it, near Shambala;
  • Linus is just taking a stroll around in Tormund;
  • Bob is on the ground level in Tormund, Western part;
  • Kayn Sivar can be found in the North portion of Farnsport;
  • Triony is quietly fishing near Magnolia, on the docks of Farnsport;
  • Murchand is near the edge of the map, standing around in Flanders;
  • Zellor can be found in the Flower Fields of Perpetua in the camp;
  • Fridolyn cannot be recruited before finishing the quest “A Little Vacation”, you’ll find her on an island in the Southern portion of Valandis;
  • Bernd’s Wife is, well, exactly where you found her husband, in her house in Rockbottom;
  • Jack is near a research camp, in the South portion of Fierwoods;
  • Gimaj can be found in Ograne Grottos, in the Western quite close to the waterfall, but you’ll need to first complete the “Gates to Nhysa” quest.

We hope this guide was useful to you, and when you’re tired of being nostalgic about the 90s you can go have a laugh with some High on Life guides.