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Chained Echoes oil status explained

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Chained Echoes is a turn-based role-playing game set in a mysterious world of floating islands. The game features an expansive storyline, unique characters, strategic combat, and a deep crafting system. In this guide, we will explain what Chained Echoes oil status is.

Your journey will take you across the skies and deep into the depths of the world of Chained Echoes. As you battle fierce enemies, you should be aware of the status effects and what they mean.

A number of things can affect your performance in battle, so let’s check out how Chained Echoes oil status works!

What is oil status in Chained Echoes?

There are four types of status effects in the game. To maximize our chances of success, it’s a good idea to know about them all. This is so that you are aware of the various status effects, resistances, and effects you can have on enemies.

Oil makes enemies more vulnerable to fire attacks, Heavy reduces Earth resistance, Dry reduces Water resistance, and Wet reduces Wind resistance. Applying these debuffs can have a significant impact on your performance in battle.

Take Oil Slash, for instance. This is a skill you can pick up from Glenn early on. It increases the damage taken from fire attacks. If used against an enemy weak to fire, it will do even more damage. Conversely, if you apply the same Oil effect to an enemy that is strong against fire, the fire damage will become more hurtful.

For even better results in battle, pair Oil Slash with Lenne’s fire skills. This combination is sure to have a devastating effect on your enemies!

Now you know what oil status is in Chained Echoes. If you are looking for more guides, check out how the call of nature passive works and how to find the Secret Place In Arkant Archipelago.