Lies of P Romeo - how to beat Character looking at a giant mechanical monster

Lies of P Romeo – how to beat

Boss battles in Lies of P are as challenging as they can get. You will be fighting a variety of bosses with eclectic weaknesses and stressful phases. But this does not mean that there is no easy way to defeat them. Lies of P provides you with all the tools required to eliminate a boss effectively and effortlessly. So, to highlight some of these tips, this article will present you with a guide for defeating Romeo in Lies of P, also known as the King of Puppets.

Many players will have an axe to grind with the boss due to how annoying it is to fight them. The entire boss battle is divided into distinct phases, and the second phase will make you quite angry.

So, to avoid this fate, keep reading this article to find out how you can beat Romeo in Lies of P and become the new King of Puppets.

Lies of P Romeo - how to beat Character dodging an attack

How to defeat Romeo in Lies of P?

You need to be able to deal heavy damage to him in the first phase, then use a charge attack when Romeo gets staggered.

Here’s a full breakdown of the fight to help you:

Phase 1

  • Any kind of build that revolves around you using a heavy-damage special weapon such as the Holy Sword of the Ark will be really useful.
  • When you enter the boss fight, you will be fighting a giant form of Romeo.
  • Your main strategy is going to be performing Perfect Guard when you get hit with the single strike and the spin attack.
  • When you get an opening, use a charge attack and stagger the boss.
  • Deal heavy damage when he is down.
  • He will soon start screaming and perform new attacks.
  • You will need to keep performing the perfect guard, stagger, and then deal heavy damage.
  • When he triggers multiple strikes at once or uses the blue missile attack, come closer to him
  • Grind your weapon or even use Electric Blitz to maximize your damage.
  • Keep guarding, and dodge the double hit if you can.
  • Use a charge attack whenever the boss gets staggered.

Phase 2

  • Now Romeo will jump out of the giant machine and become really fast.
  • Your main strategy will be to guard and dodge left whenever he attacks.
  • He will perform a fire sword attack; you really need to avoid getting hit by that, as it is very lethal.
  • You can guard through this fire attack, but keep using health potions specifically for this attack.
  • Keep dodging to the left and guarding, and attack when there is an opening.
  • Use combos and charge attacks.
  • Make sure to dodge his jump attacks as well.
  • Perfect guard will help in breaking his weapon.
  • Once his scythe is broken, you can deal heavy damage and not lose much health.

This is how you can defeat Romeo. It will be harder than it looks, as the fire sword attack is going to annoy you a lot. But as long as you keep dodging left and perform perfect guard, you will be able to deal heavy damage and very quickly defeat him.

These are all the important things you need to keep in mind during this boss battle. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other articles such as How many chapters in Lies of P? And Lies of P One Shot Motivity Build guide.