Liu Huo Tower of Fantasy character guide Character coughing

Liu Huo Tower of Fantasy character guide

Playable characters in Tower of Fantasy are at the center of every mechanic present in the game. They are an extension of the players themselves. But as the devs introduce new characters with each new update, you may get confused regarding which character will suit you the best. One of the popular ones, Liu Huo always comes in this category. So to help you make this decision, here’s a guide for Liu Huo in Tower of Fantasy.

She is a playable simulacrum that wields a pretty strange but awesome weapon. As a result, many players consider her a viable playable character. Moreover, this decision is very important to make sure you will be spending most of your time with them.

Keep reading and use this guide for Liu Huo in Tower of Fantasy, and make this decision for yourself.

Liu Huo Tower of Fantasy character guide Character practing with her weapon

Liu Hua in Tower of Fantasy Explained

Liu Huo is a Flame DPS Simulacrum and wields a giant brush pen weapon called Pine Comet. To understand her better, you need to know her stats. The following are all of the major stats she comes with:

  • HP: 1165
  • Attack: 19
  • Crit: 13
  • Type Effect: Flame Damage
  • Shatter: 12.50
  • Charge: 15.00

Now let’s look at her attack abilities so that you can adapt your playstyle around her fighting style:

  • Flame: When she fully charges her weapon and attacks. She can set fire to the target for 8 seconds and damage is equal to 58% of ATK every second and 50% reduced healing.
  • Flame Resonance: Flame ATK increases by 15% and Flame resistance by 25%. This ability can be unlocked when she equips more flame weapons.
  • Frame Explosion On-field: When enemies get hit by the Pine Comet, it will deal 105% of flame atk and 200& of crit. This is triggered every 1.5 seconds.

These are all of her major abilities, and she clearly has more offensive attacks. So, to keep these stats in mind.

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