Palia Palium ore location - where to mine Character exploring an unknown region

Palia Palium ore location – where to mine

Mining resources in Palia is an important gameplay feature that is essential for crafting. With the help of certain resources, you can create tools that will not only help you progress through the game faster but also make the grinding way easier. Palium is one of these minerals, and here’s how you can find Palium ore in Palia.

Palium Ore is rarer than other ores found in the game, so it may be tricky for some players to find it quickly. Moreover, having all of these ores on hand will truly help you out during crafting as you wouldn’t have to constantly look for them.

So, keep reading on and find out how you can find Palium ore in Palia and enjoy crafting interesting and useful things in this game.

Palia Palium ore location - where to mine Character mining an ore

Here’s how you can find Palium ore in Palia

To get Palium Ore, you will need to mine Palium Nodes. These nodes can be found south of Proudhon Pass and east of Central Stables. They seem to always spawn in the Bahari Bay region. Generally, players create a particular route that they follow to farm Palium Ore.

The following are all of the locations you should visit to find this ore:

  • South of Hideway Bluffs
  • The middle area of Windy Ruins and Hideway Buffs
  • Pavel Mines
  • Near Flooded Fortress and inside of it
  • Near Thorny Thicket
  • Right of Ancient Aquaduck and south of Proudhorn Pass
  • Near Statue Garden

These are all of the major locations where you can find Palium Ore. You can use this mineral to upgrade your tools and craft high-class furniture. Take your interior design to the next level with the help of this ore.

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