How to tune a Tv in Fortnite - Bytes is tuning the Tv

How to tune a TV in Fortnite

‍Fortnite’s battle pass is always filled with various cosmetics that players work towards unlocking until they rotate out. One of the sought-after items in Chapter 3, Season 4 is The Nothing’s Gift Pickaxe, which comes with additional styles. However, these styles are not available right away, and players need to complete secret challenges to unlock them. One such challenge is tuning the TV as Bytes. In this guide, we will share details on how to tune a TV in Fortnite.

Apart from tuning the TV, The season includes the addition of Force Abilities and Lightsabers in the Star Wars 2023 event. Players can also look forward to a fresh selection of Battle Pass skins, including the highly anticipated Eren Jaeger skin.

If you want to know how to tune a TV in Fortnite, read on.

How to tune the TV in Fortnite

To complete the challenge of tuning the TV, you need to wear the Bytes outfit before starting a match. The challenge will only count as completed if you have the outfit equipped. There are two TV locations where you can tune in as Bytes:

The first TV you can find is in a small building to the northeast of Lustrous Lagoon. To access it, you can climb the northeastern cliffs surrounding the area. Once you are close to the TV, press the designated button to ‘tune’ it. You will hear a voice line from The Nothing, indicating that you have successfully completed the challenge.

The second TV is located in a house between Tilted Towers and Herald’s Sanctum. Unlike the first location, this TV is on the ground floor in the house’s garage. Approach the TV and press the button shown to tune it. Again, you will receive a voice line from The Nothing, confirming your completion of the challenge.

How to get the Bytes outfit in Fortnite

You’ll need to purchase the Battle Pass for Chapter 3 Season 4 in order to get the Bytes outfit in the game. The Bytes outfit and his signature pickaxe, The Nothing’s Gift, can be found on page 2 of the Battle Pass. However, you will need to earn enough Battle Stars to unlock Bytes and his pickaxe. This means you must unlock everything else on the page before acquiring Bytes. If you need help to earn Battle Stars, there are various ways to gain XP quickly in Fortnite, such as completing challenges and purchasing items from specific characters.

Once you have unlocked the Bytes outfit and The Nothing’s Gift pickaxe, Bytes’ Quests will be added to your ‘Quests’ tab. Now, you can go to your locker and equip the Bytes outfit to begin working on his quests.

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