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Vampire Survivors character tier list

Finally, the vampire is out of the bag. With the official release of the 1.0 version of Vampire Survivors, after a full year of Early Access, many players have started appreciating the joy of making runs and trying to stay alive while hordes of enemies relentlessly attack. But which of the several characters would we choose to have our best chances? Here’s our answer with the Vampire Survivors character tier list.

The game does offer a huge roster of characters, each one with its own strengths and weaknesses. Also, you would probably want to keep playing and practising with most of them as there are several unlocks and secrets to be gained. But still, if we just need to survive a full run, then there are definitely features to keep in mind.

Let’s not waste any more time and let’s take a look at the Vampire Survivors character tier list to see who is the most powerful.

Vampire Survivors character tier list

There are 40 playable characters in the 1.0 version of Vampire Survivors, counting both standard and secret ones. So here’s our tier list of who you should pick and who you should avoid.

Tier 1

In this tier, we’ll definitely put some heavy hitters like Yatta Cavallo, who has the strong cherry bomb weapon and some great passive skills, Dommario who is a bit slow but can defend himself great with the King Bible, Imelda Belpaese who can level up pretty quickly, Arca Ladonna with her strong fire wand, Mortaccio who also has a strong starting weapon, Sir Ambrojoe who is all around balanced and, finally, Pugnala Provola who also starts with two great weapons.

Tier 2

In Tier 2, we’ll see some characters who are not as strong, but they can be good options to start out. Zi’Assunta has a bad starting weapon but can get good if you stick with her, while Gennaro Belpaese is just a good average option overall. Porta Ladonna starts well but she doesn’t level up much, the same as Poe Ratcho with his garlic. Kroci Fretto has some strong starting skills, but not a good weapon, Poppea can be a devastating character if you survive long enough to level up. Bianca Ramba has a random weapon, which can be tricky to work with, while O’Sole Meeo’s starting weapon is also not so good.

Tier 3

Here are some characters that can be recommended only to expert players or those looking for a more difficult time. Antonio Belpaese has some great skills but a terrible weapon, the same as Pasqualina. Suor Clerici is an all-defensive character, while Christine Davain has a huge damage penalty. Concetta Caciotta has a weak starting weapon and a curse to boot. Iguana Gallo Valletto is all around strong, but gains little gold and his weapon is nothing much, same as Divano Thelma really.

Hopefully, this tier list can be useful to decide which characters to go with, but if you’re looking for more information on Vampire survivors, check out our Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide.