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Is Silent Hill 2 remake coming to Xbox?

Survival horror fans are rejoicing at the announcement of the psychological horror game Silent Hill 2 getting a remake on modern consoles. But, we hear you ask, is Silent Hill 2 remake coming to Xbox?

It’s strange that the original Silent Hill isn’t being remade, but it’s also understandable given that it was on the original PlayStation console, whereas the sequel was on the PS2 and became a cult hit when it launched.

So, is Silent Hill 2 remake coming to Xbox? Everything we know on the topic is below, with all the evidence supporting it.

Is Silent Hill 2 remake coming to Xbox?

Yes, the Silent Hill 2 remake is coming to Xbox consoles. We know this because at the end of the teaser trailer for the game (below), it states that Silent Hill 2 remake is a PlayStation console exclusive – however, this is followed by an asterisk and the small print tells us that it’s also coming to PC and that it’s “not available on other formats for 12 months after release.”

That means that it will be eligible to come to other consoles one year after its PlayStation debut, and we can expect a Deathloop-style appearance of the game on Xbox consoles as soon as this time-limited deal is up.

This is great news for anyway who prefers the Xbox controller to the DualSense. We know the DualSense has all those nifty new features, but we also know that the Xbox controller is perfection in the hand even if it is cheaper feeling overall. Then, you have the Elite controller, so don’t get us started on that.

That’s everything we know about whether the horror game is coming to Microsoft consoles or not. To find out the Silent Hill 2 remake release date, as well as gameplay and everything we know, then read our guide on the topic.