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Vampire Survivors weapon synergies – how to evolve all weapons

The ultra-popular roguelite, made with a strong Italian vibe, Vampire Survivors is definitely one of this year’s cult hits. There is definitely something endearing about trying to survive as long as possible while ever bigger hordes of enemies attack you. So you would want to be armed as much as possible, we’re here to inform you with this handy Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide.

What does it mean evolving a weapon? Getting one maxed out, then combining said weapon with its linked item (the game suggests which one to pick up), after that, we’ll have to kill a stronger enemy, an elite one, and collect the chest that appears and thus we’ll have evolved said weapon. So, to evolve a weapon it is often required to plan out from the beginning of the run.

More often than not, the linked item is not one that will be of great help for our character, so that means risking a bit of the future of the run to try and unlock one of the weapons’ evolution. Will it be worth the risk? Up to you to find out, so let’s get down to business and talk about everything Vampire Survivors weapon evolution and how to do it.

Vampire Survivors weapon evolution

Here are all the combinations to evolve all weapons in Vampire Survivors:

  • Whip + Hollow Heart = Bloody Tear
  • Garlic + Pummarola = Soul Eater
  • Runetracer + Armor = NO FUTURE
  • Shadow Pinion + Wings = Valkyrie Turner
  • Fire Wand + Spinach = Hellfire
  • Knife + Bracer = Thousand Edge
  • King Bible + Spellbinder = Unholy Vespers
  • Axe + Candelabrador = Death Spiral
  • Magic Wand + Empty Tome = Holy Wand
  • Lightining Ring + Duplicator = Thunder Loop
  • Santa Water + Attractorb = La Borra
  • Cross + Clover = Heaven Sword
  • Pentagram + Crown = Gorgeous Moon
  • Gatti Amari + Stone Mask = Vicious Hunger
  • Song of Mana + Skull O’Maniac = Mannajja
  • Phiera der Tuphello + Eight The Sparrow + Tiragisù = Phieraggi
  • Clock Lancet + Silver Ring + Gold Ring = Infinite Corridor
  • Laurel + Metaglio Left + Metaglio Right = Crimson Shroud
  • Peachone + Ebony Wings = Vandalier
  • Vento Sacro + Bloody Tear = Fuwalafuwaloo

These tips will surely help you in powering up and defeating those strong enemies and completing runs with a lot of money and, perhaps, also unlocking new characters and items. We’ll be sure to update the list as soon as we discover new combinations and the game gets close to a 1.0 release.

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