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Vampire Survivors – Legacy of the Moonspell weapons synergies guide

Have you been having some fun exploring the new features of Vampire Survivors’ first DLC, Legacy of the Moonspell? We surely are, I mean there is never enough raw meat to go around and with that tasty asian sauce of the expansion, one can never stop playing! But what about new ways to kill enemies? Well here’s our Legacy of the Moonspell weapons guide.

As you might have noticed, most of these weapons do not come directly as available but instead will have to be unlocked, so of course we will tell you how to do it, along with some details on the weapons themselves.

So let us not waste any more time and let’s get to our Legacy of the Moonspell weapons guide.

Legacy of the Moonspell – weapons guide

Here is the full list of weapons available in Legacy of the Moonspell:

Silver Wind

It is the sword used by Miang Moonspell. In order to unlock it for everyone, you need to survive 15 minutes with the character, it can be evolved into Festive Wind with Pummarola.

Four Seasons

It is Menya Moonspell’s weapon, again survive 15 minutes with Menya in order to unlock it. Can be evolved into Godai shuffle with Spinach and Candelabrador.

Summon Night

It is the weapon of choice of Syuuto Moonspell, again survive fifteen minutes in order to use it with other characters. Can be evolved into Echo Night using the Duplicator.

Mirage Robe

It is the default weapon of Babi-Onna, same as before survive fifteen minutes in order to use it with others. Can be evolved into J’Odore with the Attractorb.

108 Bocce

The weapon of choice by McCoy-Oni (that’s a hell of a name too), survive fifteen minutes to use it with others. At the moment, the weapon has no evolutions.

Mille Bolle Blu

This is used by Gav’Et Oni, this weapon will have to be purchased from the merchant in the Moongolow level. Can be evolved into Boo Roo Boole with the Spellbinder.

Night Sword

Finally, this sword can’t be used as default, but can be found in the Mt Moonspell level, it can be noted on the map. The sword evolves into Muramasa using the Stone Mask.

In the new DLC there are definitely a lot of new weapons which you may want to learn how to use, they seem to be also a little more complex than the base game, keeping in line with how the DLC plays (check out our review too).

We hope this guide can be useful to understand how the weapons in Legacy of the Moonspell work, we will be sure to update as new information come out. You can also check out our other Vampire Survivors waepons and character evolution guides for more details.