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Clock lancet Vampire Survivors – how to evolve

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Are we not men? We are DEVO. Ok, but what that has to do with this guide? Well, we are talking about evolutions after all, as some weapons need to be combined before you can evolve and use them. In this guide, we will take you through how to evolve the Clock lancet Vampire Survivors.

The Clock Lancet is a weapon that can freeze targets when hit by its beam. It doesn’t deal much damage, but it can be useful when combined with other relics, weapons, and arcana

Keep reading to find out how you can evolve the Clock lancet Vampire Survivors.

How to evolve the Clock lancet in Vampire Survivors

The Clock Lancet allows you to control enemies by freezing them, especially if you use it with the Out of Bounds arcana, which explodes frozen targets. To evolve the Clock Lancet, you first need to pick up an Orologion for the first time. This is an item that creates an area that freezes enemies around you. 

To find the Orologion, you need to break light sources, like candlesticks and braziers, after level 4. The Orologion is one of the random items that can drop from these sources, but it’s not a guarantee. If you equip the Out of Bounds arcana, you increase your chances of finding it. 

Once you have the Orologion, the Clock Lancet will be available. Once you have the weapon, you can begin upgrading it, all the way to the Infinite Corridor. For this, you will need to collect two passive items, the Silver Ring and Gold Ring. These items appear on stages after you get the Yellow Sign relic, which you get at the end of the Holy Forbidden. To access the Holy Forbidden, you need to defeat the Moon Trinacria in Moonglow after 14 minutes. 

We hope that this guide helped you with evolving the clock lancet in Vampire Survivors. To read on more guides like this, check out yellow sign explained and where to find the Stone Mask location