Ravenlok awaken the spirits statues in the garden

Ravenlok Awaken the Spirits guide – where are the statues?

It’s always good getting a family back together. Or well, in the case of the quest we are talking about here, waking them from a long slumber. Yes, it’s all about finding the statues and waking them up in the Ravenlok Awaken the Spirits quest. So we’re here to help you find where the statues are.

This quest is pretty early on in the game, and it comes with a good reward as well, so you might not want to miss out on it. So our guide will help you complete it quickly and easily so you can stop tearing your hair out.

So, let’s take a look and find all those pesky statues so we can complete the Ravenlok awaken the Spirits quest. Read on below to find out everything you need to know.

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Ravenlok Awaken the Spirits quest – where are the statues and how to complete the quest

While all the statues look pretty much the same, in order to find the ones to complete the quest you need to look for the ones you can interact with. That will be signalled by a small arrow on the statues themselves, telling you these are the right ones.

They are all spread around three locations, starting from where you get the quest in the first place. A couple will be there, then there are two right where you were teleported with the mirror. Finally, there are another two in the path which connects the place where you fought with the queen’s soldiers, with the main hub. So to speak.

Having the precise locations would not help much since, again, they all very much look the same: a bunch of strange statues looking like they are in need of help. But, now that you know they are all in three locations all pretty close to each other, you won’t need to wander around much. Just look at the statues, find the interactable ones, ring the bell and the quest is done.

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