Palia Steam Deck - how to play on Valve's handheld Character about to open a glowing scroll

Palia Steam Deck – how to play on Valve’s handheld

Palia is a game that is perfect for handheld devices. You can journey through its enchanting world from the comfort of your bed, couch, or even while traveling. The game is designed to make you sit back and relax while interacting with well-written characters and exploring hidden areas. However, Palia is still not officially available on one of the most popular handheld gaming devices, the Steam Deck. But there is still an unofficial way to make it work on this device. So, here’s how you can play Palia on Steam Deck.

Palia can be officially played on the PC and the Nintendo Switch. The Steam Deck for some reason was left out. Hopefully, in the future, the devs will officially bring out a Steam Deck version of this game, but right now, you will need to do it unofficially.

Keep reading to find out how you can play Palia on Steam Deck. Get ready to enjoy this game on one of the best devices Valve has ever created.

Palia Steam Deck - how to play on Valve's handheld Character chopping a tree

How to play Palia on Steam Deck

Palia is not officially available for the Steam Deck but you can get it working by using Proton. The following are the steps you need to follow to make it work on this system:

  • Install Windows on your Steam Deck.
  • Download the Palia Launcher
  • Add Palia as a Non-Steam game by clicking “Add a Game” and then clicking “Add a Non-Steam Game” in the Steam application.
  • Click “Browse” and star the Palia Launcher
  • Once Palia is in your Steam library, open up its shortcut preferences.
  • Under “Compatibility” use Proton.
  • Install the game
  • Find its installation path. You can do this by following: /home/deck/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/
  • When you see a bunch of IDs, sort it by “Newest First”
  • The newest folder should be where Palia is installed. Go into this folder
  • Follow this file path: /pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/Local/Palia/Launcher/
  • Go to PaliaLauncher.exe, right-click it, and “Copy Location”.
  • Open up Steam, and right-click PaliaLauncher.exe that you first made.
  • Go to “Properties” and paste what you copied into the “Target” field.
  • Close the window and just press play.

This is how you can basically play Palia on the Steam Deck. This process is a little complex as you will have to go back and forth between programs. So, always do your research before going ahead with it.

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