Line Gun Dead Space Remake - blood on the floor in a room

Line Gun Dead Space Remake – where to get the weapon

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In the Dead Space remake from Electronic Arts, you will be able to find weapons as you explore the spaceship. In this guide, we will show you how to obtain the Line Gun Dead Space remake.

If you want to kill Necromorphs quickly, you will need to use the guns offered by the game. These guns can be further upgraded later as you progress through the main story.

Keep reading to find out where to get the Line Gun Dead Space remake!

How to get the Line Gun in Dead Space remake

When you start out in the newest Dead Space chapter, the only weapon you will have is the starter gun, the Plasma Cutter. It’s a pretty decent gun, but you might want to get something different later on.

If you want to get your hands on the Line Gun, you will need to progress to Chapter 4 or 5. The location of the weapon will stay the same, but the difficulty will change. In Chapter 4, it is easier to get to the weapon’s location, while in Chapter 5, the Hunter Necromorph will be in your way.

In Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion, the quest Lift the Lockdown will start, and you will encounter the Hunter shortly. After defeating him, head to ER Hallway A through the Emergency Room. Turn right to find a door where you will need Security Clearance Level 2 to get through.

Enter through the door to find a bloody room, with the Line Gun in the middle of it. All you need to do is approach the corpse with the Line Gun, and pick up the weapon.

Now, you have a Line Gun of your very own in Dead Space. Can’t get enough of this horror survival video game? You might want to check out our guides on where to find all weapon ugrades and schematics.