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Actual art degree Disco Elysium – the thought explained

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In Disco Elysium, you will be able to collect thoughts throughout the course of the game. In this guide, we will take you through how to get the actual art degree Disco Elysium thought.

If you want to get this thought, you will first need to pass the passive checks required. For this, you need at least 4 points in conceptualization. Meanwhile, to earn the Actual Art Degree, you need to complete at least 5 or 6 art cop missions.

Let’s find out how you can get the Actual art degree Disco Elysium thought!

How to get Actual art degree Disco Elysium

The first thing you need to do is talk to Kim, and then Joyce. She is in the northwest of Revachol. You need to ask her about the lynching, until you either pass or fail the suggestion check. You can continue even if you fail. 

Next,  accept the “Jam Mystery” task. Talk to Tommy Le Homme and select “I dig your style, man” for +1 art cop line. To unlock the conceptualization check, ask him about the drug trade and dig until you get it. Pick “I think the words are mine, yes” for +1 art cop line and “It makes it all easier to bear. If the words are pretty” for +1 art cop line.

For the next step, ask Cindy about the wall and pick “I love public art! Don’t mind us, keep doing what you’re doing.” for +1 art cop line. At the backyard wall, either pass or fail the conceptualization check to get +1 art cop line.

If you have drama 5, you should have earned the “Actual Art Degree” thought by now. If not, talk to Annette about what cops look like and pick “You know, nobody looks like the guy in the picture. That’s just a stupid fantasy of a man.” for +1 art cop line. This is the final step that should give you the “Actual Art Degree” thought if you don’t have drama 5.

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