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Disco Elysium best thoughts explained

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Disco Elysium is an interesting game with unique gameplay mechanics and deep storytelling. In this guide, we will take you through all you need to know about Disco Elysium best thoughts

The game invites players to explore its small but intricately detailed world, filled with complex characters and moral dilemmas. One of the game’s most interesting features is the ability to adopt or discard various Thoughts. 

So, let’s discover which Disco Elysium best thoughts you should want to look out for!

Which are the best thoughts in Disco Elysium? 

Disco Elysium is a game that offers players a multitude of options and possibilities, making it a game that can be played over and over again. Each Thought represents a different mindset that can alter the player character’s actions and perceptions, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

With so many different Political Alignments to choose from, each playthrough can offer a unique and different experience. The Political Alignments have a significant impact on the flavor and dialogue of the game. You can experiment with different ones to see how they affect the game’s storyline.

Here are some of the best thoughts in the game:

  • Wompty-Dompty Dom Centre: Empowers Encyclopedia passives, and you get 10 XP and 2 Reál.
  • Bringing Of The Law (Law-Jaw): Automatically succeeds at all Hand/Eye Coordination passives and increases the learning caps for a player’s major skills.
  • Indirect Modes Of Taxation: When internalized, grants a little extra cash for every subsequent Ultraliberal dialogue option.
  • Mazovian Socio-Economics: Players who shun capitalism and instead choose heavily communist dialogue options will eventually unlock this Thought, which provides bonus XP gain.
  • Actual Art Degree: Heals one morale and gives 10 XP for every Conceptualization passive passed.
  • Rigorous Self-Critique: Turns failure into a positive. Every time Harry fails a red check, he will actually heal either Health or Morale.

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