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Palia ancient fish – how to find and catch

The Ancient Fish in Palia is one of the rarest fish you can catch in this game. It is a giant ethereal fish that will look really awesome in your aquarium. However, fishing it out is a real problem, especially if you don’t know where it lives. Moreover, there is also a quest tied to its accessibility that you need to complete before you can get it.

This means there are quite a few prerequisites you need to make sure are in the bag before you start fishing. And trust me, this fish is totally worth it, as it can be sold for a large amount of Gold. If you are broke, then get your fishing rod and start looking for it!

Keep reading to find out how you can catch the Ancient Fish in Palia. The moment you catch it, you will be way closer to becoming a master fisherman in Palia.

Palia ancient fish  Character holding a giant fish

How to catch the ancient fish in Palia

The Ancient Fish gets unlocked only after you complete the Vault of Waves quest in Palia. This quest is given by Jina after you complete the Echoes of the Unknown quest. During this quest, you basically have to bring in four bundles of items. Once you do this, you will get the Something in the Water achievement, and the Ancient Fish will be released.

You can find this fish in the Fisherman’s Lagoon at Kilima Village. To catch it, you will need a Glow Worm trait. This is a special type of bait that you can either get from a Glow Worm Farm or just buy from Einar after you reach Level 7 Fishing. It will cost 25 Gold.

You can fish for it all day. However, it is a rare fish, so be patient and don’t lose hope! The Ancient Fish is going to be purple in color and is really big when compared to other fish you can find.

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