Palia - How to Solve the Waterfall Puzzle - Character looking at the waterfall, behind which is the puzzle.

How to solve the waterfall puzzle in Palia

One of the first main missions will require players to know how to solve the waterfall puzzle in Palia and completing it is essential for progressing in the game. This quest will help you on your journey to get some answers on how you ended up in this place.

While the waterfall is easy to locate and can be seen from almost anywhere in the town, the puzzle in the ruins behind it can be a bit tricky as it will have a riddle to solve.

In this guide, I will explain how to solve the waterfall puzzle in Palia by showcasing how to start and complete the Ancient Battery quest.

Palia - How to solve the waterfall puzzle - character running through the path next to the waterfall.
Follow this path next to the waterfall to access the ruins area in Palia.

How to locate the waterfall ruins

To locate the waterfall ruins in Palia, you will need to accept and complete the ‘Ancient Battery’ quest. Start by clearing out your house and you’ll find an Ancient Battery in the debris. Talk to Jina and wait for a few days.

Shortly after, you’ll receive an email that will start the ‘Ancient Battery’ quest. With the quest started, your next step is to try the battery on the door behind the waterfall. Travel to Phoenix Falls, which is on the north side of the map.

You can see the waterfall from almost anywhere and on the right of it, there will be a passage. Enter there and head straight to find the door where you’ll place the battery.

How to solve the waterfall puzzle in Palia

Within the ruins, you will find a riddle saying “To enter here, you must supply that which grows life”. The answer to this riddle is water. Equip your watering can and head to the middle of the room where there’s a bowl. Fill it with water and talk to Jina to complete the ‘Ancient Battery’ quest.

Keep in mind that to progress into the next room, you’ll need to unlock the Glider. This is done later in the game after you learn to refine Leather and farm Cotton.

To summarize, players can solve the waterfall puzzle in Palia by filling the bowl in the middle of the ruins with water. For more game variety, check out our guides on how to solve the Postulants Parlor puzzle in Remnant 2 and how to get V-Bucks in Fortnite.

For game updates regarding early access and full release, make sure to check the Palia official site.

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