Hollow knight Lake of Unn - character is holding a sword

Hollow Knight Lake of Unn – how to get to the secret area

In the vast and mysterious world of Hollow Knight, hidden areas are waiting to be discovered. One such secret area is the Lake of Unn, a captivating and enigmatic location. In this guide, we share details on how to get to the Hollow Knight Lake of Unn.

As you delve deeper into the area, you’ll uncover hidden secrets, encounter intriguing characters and thrilling quests. This is a useful location, as you will discover playing.

So grab your nail, and let’s find out how to get to the Hollow Knight Lake of Unn.

How to get to the Lake of Unn in Hollow Knight

A hidden gem shrouded within the vibrant region of Greenpath, the Lake of Unn is a nice little place. It lies in the northwestern part of Greenpath, you’ll find there the Lake of Unn. Basically, it is to the left of the arena where Hornet was defeated. A solitary Moss Knight can be found standing at the edge of the pier next to the shrine. To make things easier for you, we have shared the image of the location of Unn on the map below.

Within the depths of the Lake of Unn, there lies a treasure like no other – the Shape of Unn. This incredibly unique item has the power to transform its bearer. It allows them to move freely and evade adversity as they travel forward on their journey.

Further towards the west, on the opposite side of the lake, adventurers may come across Unn, a divine being responsible for all life within the lush Greenpath. For those brave enough to travel the challenging path abundant with thorns and Durandas within the southwestern sector of the region rests Sheo’s Hut. Within this shelter lies the opportunity for the Knight to acquire knowledge of the elusive Great Slash Nail Art, a formidable fighting technique.

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