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Amnesia: The Bunker lighter – how to get it

Horror games immediately get scarier the moment things get darker, amplifying the atmosphere and keeping players anxious about upcoming threats. It’s why fans want to get their hands on the Amnesia: The Bunker lighter, so they can light their way and better prepare for upcoming battles.

While the game is short, its focus on exploration can lead to players getting lost pretty easily. Granted, this is what the game wants, for players to search for materials and survive, but it can be frustrating.

Now, here’s where to find Amnesia: The Bunker lighter and what needs to be done to get it.

Where to find Amnesia: The Bunker lighter

What it comes down to is that players will need to go through the game’s tunnels and have a locker code to get this fairly important item. Unfortunately for some, the code is different for every playthrough, along with the lighter’s location. Thankfully, its location is limited to two areas: Forman’s Quarters and Rat’s Room.

Getting to Forman’s Quarters is in the same tunnel as “Officer’s Quarters” and “Maintenance.” Head past the officer’s quarters and turn right before reaching the stairs, which lead to a cellar filled with rats. Use gasoline and a flare to get rid of the rats, though this can attract The Beast so be careful.

Follow the corridor until you reach a room that says “Rats! Keep Out!” and then turn left. Make your way to the room on top of the staircase where the dog tag with the code will be.

If the code wasn’t in Forman’s Quarters then it’s time to head to Rat’s Room. That’s the room where the rats sign is, so it’s not too far from your previous location. Prepare for a trap, head to the room, go to the desk on the left where the dog tag should be.

Once you have the code, head to the Misson Storage room via the vent between the two doors. After getting inside, look for A. Giraud’s locker, use the code to open the locker. There you, now you have the lighter.

That’s how you get this important item. For more Amnesia: The Bunker, here are the endings explained and how to get the wrench.