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Amnesia: The Bunker bolt cutters – how to get them

There comes a time in horror games when an item you desperately need is hard to get due to so many monsters and threats around. It’s why many fans are having a hard time getting Amnesia: The Bunker bolt cutters, due to their placement. What to do?

Making story-specific items hard to get is a common part of game design but it’s especially frustrating in these games. Fans of the series are aware of how annoying it is to try getting these items before instantly dying.

Naturally, we’re here to tell you how to get the Amnesia: The Bunker bolt cutters, due to their importance.

How to get Amnesia: The Bunker bolt cutters

So, in order to get the bolt cutters players will have to free the German prisoner from his cell, along with getting an item from the Warden’s Office to free him. Once the prisoner is free, players can get the bolt cutters and get ready for the endgame. Let’s look in detail how to do it.

After players get the wrench, use it to unlock the Warden’s Office and gain access to the cell controls. Before doing this, head down and power up the generators so that you can actually use the office. Players also need to watch out for The Beast, as it can kill the player and the prisoner.

Once players prepare themselves, get the brick in front of the Warden’s office and break the wooden door next to the prisoner. This might attract The Beast, so prepare to run after doing so. Now, go to the Warden’s office via the vents and then use the wrench to free the prisoner.

If the prisoner is free, quickly sprint to the cell and you will finally get the bolt cutters. Just before leaving, lock the prison cell again so that The Beast doesn’t kill the prisoner. Doing this will net the player another achievement, which is always nice.

That’s how you get another seemingly useless item, which has a bigger purpose. For more on Amnesia: The Bunker, check out how to find the wrench and the endings explained.