Remnant 2 best acid build - loadout, weapons, skills Character shooting at an enemy

Remnant 2 best acid build – loadout, weapons, skills

Passive Damage builds are no joke in Remnant 2. Instead of fighting enemies head-on, you inflict damage over a period of time and slowly see them perish. Acid build in Remnant 2 is perfect for this type of playstyle. Not only will you be able to deal heavy damage, but you can easily do it from a safe place.

This is a build that puts a lot of importance on the Acid Status effect, so you will have to stay equipped with items and weapons that support this build. This way, you can maximize your Acid attacks and practically become overpowered.

Keep reading to find out about the best loadout for this Acid Build in Remnant 2. Hopefully, you find this build really advantageous, especially when you are doing an Apocalypse run.

Remnant 2 best acid build - loadout, weapons, skills Character shooting at dummies

Best Loadout for Acid Build in Remnant 2

The following are the best items and weapons you need for this build in Remnant 2:

  • Best Archetype: Gunslinger and Engineer
  • Best Handgun: Nebula
  • Best Melee Weapon: Gas Giant
  • Best Primary Weapon: Blackmaw AR 47
  • Best Weapon mods: Corrosive Rounds and Bandit
  • Best Amulet: Effluvium Enhancer
  • Best Ring: Acid Stone, Timekeeper’s Jewel, Amber Moonstone and Black Cat Band

The weapons you use are really important for this build. Weapons like Gas Giant and Nebula are crucial for making this build effective. Using them will give you high corrosive damage and you will be able to take out enemies without encountering any problem.

Rings like Acid stone also come in handy as this ring increases your Acid damage by 10% and Acid Resistance by 15%.  All of these items and weapons when used together will create a harmonious acidic blend that will make your OP for sure!

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