Exoprimal Neo T-Rex - Roaring dino Boss

Exoprimal Neo T-Rex guide – how to beat it

In the thrilling world of Exoprimal, players constantly face exciting challenges and encounters. One such encounter is the epic battle against the Neo T-Rex, a powerful and formidable dinosaur boss. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various stages of the Exoprimal Neo T-Rex fight and provide you with valuable tips and tactics to emerge victorious. 

Defeating this boss requires a well-thought-out strategy, effective communication and coordination among team members, and quick reflexes.

Gear up, assemble your team, and get ready to take down the Exoprimal Neo T-Rex and show off to your friends.

How to beat Neo T-Rex in Exoprimal

The Neo T-Rex boss battle in Exoprimal is a two-stage fight that tests your coordination and skill. To defeat this boss, your team must have a balanced composition, with a mix of exosuits like Deadeye, Vigilant, Krieger, Roadblock, and supports to maximize your chances of victory

Stage – 1

The first stage of the Neo T-Rex battle is the Dino Cull mission. In this phase, your team will face off against a horde of 2,000 raptors. While this task may seem daunting, it serves as a warm-up for the intense fight ahead. Work together to eliminate the raptors efficiently, conserving your resources and preparing for the main event.

Stage – 2

After completing the Dino Cull mission, the Neo T-Rex will make its grand entrance. This is where the real challenge begins, as your team revivals will be limited. The Neo T-Rex has several devastating attacks, but by understanding its patterns and weaknesses, you can turn the tide in your favor.

To effectively damage the Neo T-Rex and expedite its defeat, you must target its weak points. These weak points are easily identifiable as large, glowing purple spots scattered across its body. Aim for these spots to deal maximum damage and bring the Neo T-Rex closer to its demise.

That’s how you can defeat this formidable foe in Exoprimal. If you find this guide helpful, check out our other guides, such as Exoprimal Deadeye build guide and Exoprimal recovery module – how does it work?