Exoprimal Deadeye build - Deadeye is pointing the gun

Exoprimal Deadeye build guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to build the perfect Deadeye suit in Exoprimal. Deadeye is an assault class that specializes in pure firepower, making it a formidable force on the battlefield. In this guide, we will break down the essential components to create the most effective Exoprimal Deadeye build and all strategies you need to know about.

Building the perfect Deadeye suit in Exoprimal is a combination of selecting the right modules and rigs and understanding effective playstyle strategies. 

Read on to find the best Exoprimal Deadeye build and get the most out of this great exosuit.

Best loadout for Deadeye in Exoprimal

Modules are essential for fine-tuning your Deadeye build and maximizing your damage potential. Here are the recommended modules to achieve the best results:

Damage Chain

The Damage Chain module is a must-have for any Deadeye build. This module modifies the performance of your Ravager assault rifle, increasing your base damage by 25% when you land consecutive hits. This boost in damage output makes Deadeye an efficient and deadly force on the battlefield. Make sure to level up this module to at least level 5 using Bikcoins for optimal results.

Shot Grenade

To further enhance your firepower, equip the Shot Grenade module in slot two. This module improves the performance of your Rifle Grenade, increasing projectile speed and allowing it to fly on a straight path. It also increases base direct hit damage by 20%, making quick work of larger dinosaurs and tank players. Level up this module to level 5 for maximum effectiveness.

Dive Dodge +

In slot three, we recommend using the Dive Dodge + module. This module enhances your Dive Dodge performance by reducing flinching upon use and temporarily increasing defense. It also increases dodge distance, allowing you to evade enemy attacks more effectively. This module provides both an escape tool and a defense boost, making it invaluable for survival in intense battles.

That’s all in this Deadeye best build guide. We hope you find this guide helpful. If so, check out our other guides, such as Exoprimal Roadblock build – best loadout and Exoprimal server error – how to fix the issue.