Exoprimal character creation - how to customize your character Robot character using a holographic computer

Exoprimal character creation – how to customize your character

With the release of Exoprimal, you can finally now live your dream of wearing a mech suit and fighting intergalactic dinosaurs to save the planet. But surprisingly this game takes this amazing fantasy even further, as the players can create custom characters in this game. But this is a very detailed process, so let us help you through it and explain Exoprimal character creation and all you need to know about it.

Personalizing the look of your character helps you to relate to them even better because guess what? They are literally an extension of your imagination. When they interact with the world, you can much more easily place yourself in their shoes. This not only makes the game immersive but also lets you flaunt your own personal style.

However, as there are so many other things in the game, this feature may get overshadowed, so here is everything we know about the Exoprimal character creation feature.

Exoprimal character creation - how to customize your character Character being created

Creating custom characters in Exoprimal

The character creation option will appear the moment you begin the game. This feature is generally pretty standard and does not have extensive customization options, but again, this game is not an RPG. Still, you can change the parts of your character’s body that affect their visual appearance the most. The following are all of them:

  • Face
  • Hair color and style
  • Facial Hair Makeup
  • Scars
  • Face paint
  • Pilot suit color

However, if you are more interested in the whole package instead of these smaller aspects of your character’s appearance, then there are ready-made presets that you can slap onto your character as well. Keep in mind that most of the time, your character is going to stay inside of their exo-suit and only come out during the cutscenes. So, don’t expect to see your dashing custom character walk around with the dinosaurs.

You can also change your character’s appearance mid-game. You can do this by going to the main menu and tab across to Hangar, there you will find an option to change the look of your character. Just go there and go wild with all the customization.

There is something funny about the creation though. For some reason, your character’s physical appearance is seen as a suit. We are not sure what is happening. This is either a glitch or your character might actually be an undercover dinosaur.

Anyways, this is all there is to know about Exoprimal character creation. If you liked what you just read then please check out our other articles such as Exoprimal Skywave build – best loadout and Exoprimal Nimbus build – best loadout.