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Exoprimal Nimbus build – best loadout

When it comes to maximizing damage output in Exoprimal, the right build can make all the difference. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the best Exoprimal Nimbus build. So you will be ready for everything.

Nimbus is known for its exceptional healing abilities, making them an essential asset to any team. However, what sets Nimbus apart is their ability to do more than just heal. With a well-constructed build, Nimbus can unleash a surprising amount of damage, ensuring that they contribute to the team’s success in multiple ways.

Read on to find the best Exoprimal Nimbus build to maximize its potential.

Best loadout for Nimbus in Exoprimal

To optimize your damage capabilities, the Exoprimal Nimbus incorporates three essential modules that synergize perfectly with Skywave’s playstyle:

Speed Shot

The Speed Shot module is the first choice for the best Nimbus build. It takes the healing effectiveness of Nimbus’ primary weapons to a whole new level by modifying the Mend mode. This module enhances health repair, healing shots can over-penetrate, and increase in the projectile. Although the homing effect is sacrificed, the improved healing potential far outweighs this trade-off. However, if you prefer homing shots, Critical Shot can be a viable alternative as it increases overall damage.

Rapid Switch

The second module, Rapid Switch, plays a vital role in allowing Nimbus to effortlessly transition between healing and damage modes. As the healing capabilities of Nimbus heavily rely on their weapon, it becomes crucial to minimize the time wasted in switching between these modes. With Rapid Switch fully upgraded, it enables Nimbus to swiftly swap between modes, ensuring prompt and uninterrupted healing support for teammates.

Quick Holo 

The third module, Quick Holo, is all about reducing the cooldown of the Holo Warp. This incredible ability not only allows Nimbus to escape from tough situations but also serves as a powerful healing tool in Mend mode. With Quick Holo, Nimbus gains the ability to heal allies more frequently, making it an incredibly valuable addition to the build.

Nimbus is a superb support character and one of the best choices in Exoprimal. Whether you are playing in casual game modes or competitive matches, Nimbus’s ability to stay at range and provide healing support while dealing damage makes them a valuable asset to any team. Our list of optimal modules and rig selection will help you unleash the full potential of this damage-dealing class.

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