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Pikmin 4 Sub Zero Sauna location – how to get there

If you are an avid player of Pikmin 4, you know that the surface is full of surprises and treasures. However, to access the best loot, you must venture underground. One such underground treasure trove is Subzero Sauna, a cold cave filled with obstacles and creatures. In this guide, we will explore how to reach Pikmin 4 Subzero Sauna and uncover all its secrets.

The cave consists of three sublevels with numerous obstacles and enemies that utilize ice, making Ice Pikmin a wise choice to bring along.

Read on to find out about the Pikmin 4 Subzero Sauna and how you can get there.

Subzero Sauna Location

The Subzero Sauna is situated in Serene Shores. The goal is to rescue two Castaways and collect five treasures scattered throughout the cave In order to complete Subzero Sauna. To find its precise location, please refer to the map provided below. 

How to complete Subzero Sauna in Pikmin 4

Here are the detailed instructions on how to conquer this icy challenge:

Sublevel 1

Sublevel 1 of Subzero Sauna introduces you to the cold conditions you’ll face throughout the cave. As you enter the area, you’ll encounter multiple enemies, including Hydro Jelly and Snowy Blowhogs. Defeat all the enemies to obtain the Gold Nuggets, then make your way to the exit to complete Sublevel 1.

Sublevel 2

Sublevel 2 of Subzero Sauna presents freezing conditions that will make your Pikmin shiver. To raise the temperature, it is necessary to destroy the ice blocks found in the lower level. To begin, break the initial ice block located in the starting area. Then, proceed through the metallic tunnel situated on your left. Once you reach the end of the tunnel, there will be a box that can be moved to create a useful shortcut back to your base. You can ask Oatchi for help in pushing the box.

To the north of the box, there is a bucket that holds a Candypop Bud. If you throw some Red Pikmin at it, it will transform into White Pikmin. Next, head towards the area with iron bars and lead your Pikmin through it. However, leave Oatchi behind for now. In this area, you will come across a creature that shoots snowballs. To defeat it, send your Pikmin to attack it.

Continuing north, you’ll face another snowball-spitting foe and an Iceblown Dweevil that attempts to steal your treasure. Defeat these enemies using your Pikmin. In the same room, break the Hydro Jelly in the bottom right corner to reveal an ice block. Destroy the ice block to uncover hidden treasure.

Now, let’s address the ice problem. Exit through the left and find yourself on a ledge next to a frozen pool of water. Send your Pikmin over the ledge to destroy the ice block, thereby raising the temperature and melting all the pools in the sublevel.

Next to the ledge, there is a pool of water with a white button. To lower all the iron bars, use your Blue Pikmin to press the button. Then, freeze the pool of water with the Blue Pikmin once more to create a path to the ledge, which will lead you to the next sublevel.

Sublevel 3

In the depths of the Subzero Sauna’s final sublevel, you will encounter the most formidable opponent yet: an Arctic Cannon Beetle. To emerge victorious, you must encircle the beast and await its frigid breath, which will reveal a vulnerable spot on its rear. Seize this opportunity and direct your Pikmin to strike. After defeating the enemy, loot its carcass, rescue the trapped Castaway, and claim the treasure beside the hydro jelly.

By following this guide and utilizing the strategies outlined, you can complete the Subzero Sauna in Pikmin 4. However, remember that Subzero Sauna is just one of the caves in the game. To complete the entire game, you’ll need to conquer all the other caves too.

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