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Pikmin 4 Trial of the Sage Leaf – how to complete it

Pikmin 4 is an exciting game offering a new adventure called Trial of the Sage Leaf. Whether you are a newcomer to the series or a seasoned veteran, this trial presents a challenging experience that will put your skills to the test. In this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know to complete the Pikmin 4 Trial of the Sage Leaf, a nice little quest.

With 10 floors to conquer, each with unique objectives, it is important to come prepared before initiating this quest.

Read to find out how you can complete the Pikmin 4 Trial of the Sage Leaf and profit.

How To complete the Trial of the Sage Leaf in Pikmin 4

The Trial of the Sage Leaf is a series of 10 stories, each with its own set of objectives. Let’s dive into each story of the Trial of the Sage Leaf and explore how to conquer them one by one:

Story 1

The first floor of the Trial of the Sage Leaf may appear relatively simple, but it can still pose challenges for players. Your main objective is to defeat 11 enemies by utilizing the Pikmin you gather from the small dungeon.

Story 2

In the second story, you will find yourself in an icy dungeon where you need to collect 45 raw materials. Some of these materials will be frozen in ice, so your task is to thaw them out.

Story 3

The third story requires you to collect all the treasures scattered around the map within a time limit of five minutes. Some treasures can be obtained by defeating enemies, while others may be hidden or buried in the ground. An indicator on the left side of the screen will show you how close you are to each treasure.

Story 4

The fourth story is similar to the second one, but this time your objective is to find 15 treasures within 7 minutes. You will have the assistance of pink-winged Pikmin, which makes transporting items easier.

Story 5

Halfway through the Trial of the Sage Leaf, the challenges intensify. In this story, you must navigate a tightly crafted dungeon filled with enemies and collect nine treasures. The environment is filled with shortcuts and platforming elements that require careful navigation.

Story 6

This section introduces five gates with various brain teasers. Some puzzles require sending Pikmin to stand on switches, while others involve collecting treasures. The Move Base option allows you to recall the ship to designated areas, making trips easier. While the puzzles are not overly difficult, time is limited, so act quickly to unlock all the gates and reach the Sage Leaf.

Story 7

The seventh story presents a challenging scenario where you must defeat all the creatures within a mere one-minute time limit. Dozens of small creatures will be swarming around, so it is crucial to utilize the strength and crushing power of the thick purple Pikmin to your advantage.

Story 8

The eighth story takes place in what appears to be a kitchen pantry, where you need to collect 100 bits and items. Strategize tactfully to prioritize which items to collect first, as larger treasures will take longer to transport back to the ship.

Story 9

The ninth story marks the first level 5 difficulty segment of the Trial of the Sage Leaf. Utilize Rock Pikmin on the purple flower to gain some Purple Pikmin, as they will be essential in defeating the unique monsters that await you.

Final Story

In the final showdown, your objective is to find the Purple Onion hidden within one of the rooms. The Purple Onion requires 100 Pikmin to carry, so assign Oatchi to escort it while the rest of the Pikmin handle other tasks.

That’s how you can complete the Trail of the Sage Leaf in this adventure game. If you find this guide helpful, check out our other Pikmin guides, such as Glow Pikmin in Pikmin 4 – what we know and What is the rarest emote in Fortnite?