Red Cabbage Stardew Valley - how to get it Character farming Red Cabbages

Red Cabbage Stardew Valley – how to get it

Sometimes gamers forget that at its core Stardew Valley is still a pretty extensive farming simulator. Thus, you get a large variety of crops that you can grow on your farm and become a legendary farmer. However, to grow those crops in the first place, you need seeds. So, here’s the best way to find Red Cabbage in Stardew Valley and get some tasty dishes out.

It is strange that even though purple is the dominant colour of this vegetable it’s still called Red Cabbage. Anyways, one thing is for sure, this vegetable will surely make your farm even more colorful. There are various ways of getting them but it can be tricky for some particular crops. Red Cabbage is one of those crops that come to mind.

So, read on and find out about how you can find Red Cabbage in Stardew Valley. That is one delicacy you do not want to be without.

Red Cabbage Stardew Valley - how to get it Character exploring a cavern

Here’s how you can get Red Cabbage in Stardew Valley

You can buy the Red Cabbage seeds when you start Year 2 from Pierre’s General Store for 100 gold. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to get this vegetable crop. You can also travel to the Traveling Cart and buy it from there as well. But the prices will range from 150 gold pieces to 1000 gold pieces.

If you want them in year 1, then you have to look for them at the Skull Caver or again at the Traveling Cart. This crop can also be randomly requested on the “Help Wanted” board for 780 gold pieces and 150 Friendship points. This generally happens during the summer after Year 2.

The Red Cabbage will take 9 days to grow and can be used for Tailoring or for making Red Plate, Fish Taco, and Colosaw. And it is also a liked gift for most of the local residents except for Sam, Vincent, Abigail, Haley, and Jas.

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