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Cavern for a King Pikmin 4 location – how to get there

Welcome to the Primordial Thicket, where a legendary cave known as the Cavern for a King awaits brave explorers like yourself. This cavern is considered the ultimate challenge in the game Pikmin 4, boasting an impressive twenty sublevels and culminating in an epic battle with the final boss. In this guide, we will share the Pikmin 4 Cavern for a King location and how you can get there.

We will delve into the depths of this treacherous cave. But you’ll come with us. We will give you strategies, tips, and essential information to conquer its challenges and emerge victorious.

Read to find out how you can get to the Pikmin 4 Cavern for a King and its location.

How to Reach the Cavern for a King in Pikmin 4

To access the Cavern for a King, you must first navigate through the perilous Primordial Thicket and clear all the sublevels. Guarded by menacing Bogswallows, the cave is surrounded by treacherous mud areas where Oatchi and your Pikmin can drown. To overcome this obstacle, you’ll need the assistance of 30 Ice Pikmin or an Ice Blast to freeze the mud and create a safe path for your army. Additionally, freezing the Bogswallows will prevent them from devouring your Pikmin.

However, one thing before venturing into the depths of the Cavern for a King. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the notes left by Olimar during his own expedition. These invaluable insights provide crucial information about the cave’s unique features and challenges. 

As you move forward in each sub level, you will come across various adversaries. Clearly, you need to overcome them to advance to the next level in the game. From battling Moldy Dwarf Bulborbs to facing off against Waterwraiths. Each sub level presents its own set of trials to overcome.

After defeating the final enemy, Ancient Sirehound, you will unlock the Gift of Friendship. Next, a cutscene will follow, and you, Oatchi, and your Pikmin will fly out of the cave using the S.S. Beagle.

That’s how you can reach the Cavern for a King in this great game by Nintendo. Check out our other Pikmin guides, such as Pikmin 4 post-game content and Pikmin 4 Trial of the Sage Leaf – how to complete it